Can I Do This Forever?

Sustainability  It’s what everyone both wants and forgets. Follow along with me on an all too common progression here:  Nicki goes to the doctor and is told that if she doesn’t lose weight, then she will likely be diabetic very shortly.  Rick wants to play with his kids outside more, but avoids it because he … Continue reading Can I Do This Forever?

Balance Isn’t Everything

One thing that has been a hangup for me over the years of my own training is finding the “perfect” program. The one that expertly balances upper and lower body movements. That includes enough vertical and horizontal pulls and pushes to keep me in balance. That makes sure I don’t lose any of the muscle … Continue reading Balance Isn’t Everything

Food/Diet Strategy Not Working? Try This!

Really quick post today. If you’re trying to eliminate types of food, cut portions, shrink the window of time in which you eat, whatever, and it isn’t working, try this instead. Don’t cut anything out. Just buy and eat so many whole foods (meat, fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc) that you don’t have as much … Continue reading Food/Diet Strategy Not Working? Try This!

Online Coaching

Hey! Are you a person who wants to get into better shape, but can’t seem to fit it in with the other demands of life? Do you want to do it without overly restrictive diet plans and with exercises that translate to real life? If so, shoot me a message and let’s set up a … Continue reading Online Coaching


I believe that mindset shifts are so important in fitness. In fact, I’d say that at first, they are MOST important, because they are likely a big reason you’re stuck. There are all sorts of mindset shifts that I like to help my clients make, but I want to share one in particular today, and … Continue reading ELEVATE THE STATUS OF FITNESS IN YOUR LIFE

Restaurant Calories

If you know you’re going to have a restaurant meal today and are trying to lose weight or body fat, you can either try to guess the numbers, hidden ingredients, and generosity of the cook, or you can do this: Go light on other meals and snacks that day. Focus mainly on protein and some … Continue reading Restaurant Calories

How to Make Your Own Pre-Workout

Wrote this a few years back. I mostly use caffeine pills now, but for those asking about pre-workout, you may find this helpful. If you have ever used a quality pre-workout supplement, then you probably know the rush that comes from it. Some of my best workouts have occurred with this extra energy in my … Continue reading How to Make Your Own Pre-Workout

Some Signs You’re Overtrained

A few signs that you’re overtraining and need a “de-load.” You may have some or all of these: -Lifts are stalling or dropping even when sleep and food hasn’t changed -Aches and pains in joints and/or muscles -Lack of motivation to workout -General exhaustion or feeling “drained” -Developing cold-like symptoms -Struggling to get quality sleep … Continue reading Some Signs You’re Overtrained

Be the Boss of Your Week

Yesterday, I wrote about how you shouldn’t let the typical Monday-Sunday week get in the way of making a fitness plan that works for your life and schedule. Today, I want to elaborate on this a little by sharing my own workout plan and talking about how it fits into my life. The picture is … Continue reading Be the Boss of Your Week


Mindset Monday 7/22/19 I do these Mindset Mondays because I find that a lot of people are stuck in making progress fitness-wise simply because they have a way a thinking about it that is not conducive to success. From prioritizing the number on the dumb scale to thinking they can never have certain foods if … Continue reading DAYS DON’T MATTER