Why “All Lives Matter” is Pointless to Say

I don't want to post things that just add to the noise or simply express my opinions, because I don't see that as productive in the least. I only want to share my thoughts about things happening in the world when I have something I think may actually be helpful in our understanding, even as … Continue reading Why “All Lives Matter” is Pointless to Say


Sometimes, I think I'm being too redundant with some of my posts, and I'm sure there are probably people who would agree. So, I scale back on posting some of the basics. Then, inevitably, I very shortly have a conversation with someone who has zero idea where to start with their workouts or their food, … Continue reading Basics

Training at Home Part 1: “I have zero fitness equipment.”

Here’s a quick one for those who have no equipment and can’t or don’t want to spend any money buying some right now. Stick to these two parts and you can’t go wrong. Focus on the main movement patterns with bodyweight: You still don’t need one-legged squats on one of those giant inflatable balls from … Continue reading Training at Home Part 1: “I have zero fitness equipment.”

Keep Your Habits

WHY (ELSE) CONTINUING TO WORKOUT IS IMPORTANT You already know it’s important to train your body, so I’m not going to harp here on the health benefits. Instead, I want you to understand that keeping the HABIT alive is vital. For many people, this chaotic time is a chance to step back from normal life … Continue reading Keep Your Habits


I want to put this out because I think it will be helpful, but two disclaimers first: This is not what I do with EVERY client, there are definitely cases where it isn't the way to go, but it is the most common.Not everyone will agree with this, and I'm okay with that. I'm happy … Continue reading HOW I USUALLY MAKE FOOD CHANGES WITH MY CLIENTS

Why Track Calories?

Losing weight is a lot like getting your money under control. You need some form of “budget” if you want this to go well. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.I know that’s old news, but most people don’t know how to apply it. When you really want … Continue reading Why Track Calories?

The Ideal Doesn’t Exist

I want you to understand one thing today about pursuing your fitness goals. There will never be an ideal, perfect time to do it. Ever. You will never, ever on this planet have 100% optimal time, money, equipment, flexibility in your schedule, and people to support you, all at the same time, for more than … Continue reading The Ideal Doesn’t Exist

Balance Isn’t Everything

One thing that has been a hangup for me over the years of my own training is finding the “perfect” program. The one that expertly balances upper and lower body movements. That includes enough vertical and horizontal pulls and pushes to keep me "in balance." That makes sure I don’t lose any of the muscle … Continue reading Balance Isn’t Everything

Would Keto Work for You?

My goal is to make this the last post you ever have to read when deciding if you want to give Keto a try. Keto can work really well for a lot of people. The biggest thing I want you to take away from this, though, is that it works for weight loss ONLY if … Continue reading Would Keto Work for You?

Don’t Jump the Whole Staircase

Hey! If you’re a little over a week into pursuing your fitness goals and it isn’t going well, please, take one minute to read this. You need to make progress, not be perfect. Going after perfection is great until we fall just a little behind, and then it’s awful and paralyzing because we feel we’ve … Continue reading Don’t Jump the Whole Staircase